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The Legal Marijuana Now Party is a political party organized in the United States to oppose drug prohibition. Legal Marijuana Now was established in 1998 in St. Paul, MN. It is a progression from the Grassroots party (Est. 1986).

Defending Your Right to Garden the Earth

  • Legalize homegrown cannabis

  • Erase past marijuana convictions

  • Ban employment drug testing

  • Abolish the DEA

  • Combat pollution through the sustainable use of hemp

  • Support third party initiatives

"Free The Weed & Free The People"

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Illustration by Andy Schuler


Candidate for MN State Auditor

Candidate: Tim Davis

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

On the Ballot MN State Auditor

Tim is deeply concerned for Civil Rights and the environment, he has worked with NORML, the Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Audubon Society, and Population Connection. Mr.Davis is a strong advocate for Drug Legalization, alternative energy, resources, population reduction, and the right to die.

Tim first ran for public office in 1988. In 2002 he was the Green Party’s candidate for U.S.House of Representatives in 5th Congressional District. In 2012 Tim ran for U.S. Senate for the Grassroots Party/endorsed by the Libertarian Party.

For 20 years Tim was a valuable employee of one of the world’s top medical companies, a shift manager in warehouse logistic operations.
Tim seeks to bring Independence and accountability to the office of auditor, there is too much politics going on with our money and we need to be accountable to the people of Minnesota. Tim lives in Minneapolis with his partner of 15 years and their pets.

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Candidate for US Representative MN District 1

Candidate: Richard Reisdorf

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

On the Ballot Special Election MN Congressional District 1


Richard is a US Navy Veteran and an active member of Disabled American Veterans and Veterans for Peace. In addition to running for congress, Mr. Reisdorf is an advocate for veterans' affairs, healthcare, and environmental stability

One of Richards's top initiatives is ending the hypocritical war on drugs that he points out affects veterans who are denied the benefits of state-run medical cannabis because of the schedule one status at the federal level. Schedule one status means that there is no known medical benefit to the substance. State-run marijuana medical programs cover conditions that often affect veterans including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).



Candidate for US Representative MN District 2

Candidate: Paula Overby

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot US Representative MN District 2

Paula has worked with minor parties since 2014. Her endorsement speech in 2014 focused on the corporate take over of America.  Since leaving the two-party establishment in 2014 she's focused on political process reform and building a political movement that can successfully challenge the politics of wealth and the incumbency lock of the two major parties. Paula has maintained a consistent track record:, opposing the endless wars that threaten the environmental future of our planet and challenging the corporate profiteering that has severely undermined America's healthcare system.


We are told we can’t win, but we are winning. Obtaining major party status with the coalition in 2018 has expanded ballot access and confirmed the influence of early adopters who will continue to expand this movement.  A growing percentage of Americans recognize that two political bureaucracies in Washington are no longer representing the American people.  Paula is proud to represent the Legal Marijuana Now party in our efforts to end another American war: The War on Drugs.


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Candidate for US Representative MN District 7

Candidate: Travis "Bull" Johnson

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot US Representative MN District 7

On July 4th, 1776, the following words were forever etched into the minds of Americans. 

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”  

As your representative, I will work to ensure that we, as a country, live up to those words. 

Here in Western Minnesota, we chafe at unreasonable restrictions that limit liberty, our ability to earn a living and live our lives to the utmost. I want to reduce those restrictions from the federal level. I believe in a limited federal Government only large enough to fulfil the duties assigned to it by the Constitution. The words “shall not be infringed” are pretty plain speaking. For years, the rights granted by the Bill of Rights have been gradually chipped away, especially the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 10th amendments: I intend to work to rectify that. I will work to defend those who cannot defend themselves, shrink Government, restore civil liberties, and remove restrictions placed on our small businesses. I will never forget who I work for, the people of Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District.

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Candidate for State Senate MN District 26

Candidate: Eric M. Leitzen

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot MN Senate 26

Eric Leitzen is a substitute teacher and stay-at-home Dad living on Main Street in Hokah, Minnesota. He is a former Hokah City Clerk and is the current President of Historic Bluff Country, a regional tourism advocacy group. Mr. Litzen is the son of a dairy farmer who lost the family farm during the Farm Crisis and he has lived first-hand the struggles that government by corporations have brought onto the working class. He challenges power wherever he goes as a tireless champion for everyone who is trying to make the American Dream happen.

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Candidate for State Senate MN District 38

Candidate: Mary O'Connor

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot MN Senate 38

Mary O'Connor is running for State Senate in District 38 which encompasses Brooklyn Center, Southwest Brooklyn Park and Osseo in the northern Twin Cities metropolitan area.


The 9th amendment to the constitution says rights are retained by the people but the government has taken away many of our rights and responsibilities. Mary will work to take back our rights and responsibilities. People can decide what is good for them, whether it's drugs, healthcare, education, or business.

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Candidate for State Senate District 43


Candidate: Andy Schuler

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot MN Senate 43

Andrew Thomas Schuler is a writer & illustrator, political activist, environmentalist, and family man.  In addition to ending drug prohibition laws, Andy has evolved political philosophies about proportional representation, genuine progress indicators, and campaign finance reform.

Environmental issues, social justice, and election reforms are where Andy began his political activism and they remain a focus of his efforts. Golden Valley Minnesota is his hometown and where Andy resides with his family.


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Candidate for State Representative MN District 53A

Candidate: Brent Jacobson

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot state representative MN 53A

Brent Jacobson.jpg

Candidate for State Representative MN District 53B

Candidate: Laura E. Pride

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot state representative MN 53B


Candidate for State Representative MN District 54A

Candidate: Ryan Martin

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot state representative MN 54A

Shakopee resident Ryan Martin is running for state representative in District 54A in the 2022 election.

Martin works as a mechanic at a family-owned car repair shop, and has been active and engaged in the political process since he first voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use in 2015 as a Nevada resident.

Martin said he grew up in a military family and is “excited to help the people of our district combat disparities.”


Candidate for State Representative MN District 65A

Candidate: Miki Frost

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot State Representative MN District 65A

NOW is the time for change, for years hundreds of thousands of people have been charged and prosecuted over marijuana, a plant that from the beginning was used as a tool to incarcerate those that have been the backbone of building America while at the same time being the under privileged, discriminated and misrepresented by this nation that was supposed to be created equally for us all!! Today I place this issue on my back and seek to fight to clear up this lie about marijuana. I hope you will all join me. Let’s Legalize Marijuana Now!!!!


Photo Miki Frost 4X4 300 DPI.png

Candidate for Attorney General Nebraska

Candidate: Larry Bolinger

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot Attorney General Nebraska


Candidate for State Auditor Nebraska

Candidate: Leroy Lopez

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot State Auditor Nebraska

Leroy Lopez.jpg

Candidate for US Representative Nebraska District 3

Candidate: Mark Elworth

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot US Representative NE District 3

Mark Elworth, who operates a free community garden, is a businessman and cannabis rights activist.


Mr. Elworth was the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Nebraska in 2014, and he helped establish the Nebraska and Iowa Legal Marijuana Now Parties. In 2016, Mr. Elworth was the Legal Marijuana Now Party's Vice-presidential candidate and got more than 13,500 votes in Iowa and Minnesota.


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