Legal Marijuana Now is a recognized Political Party in Minnesota.


Minnesota doesn't allow us to use Ballot Initiative petitions, which is how voters legalized weed in Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, California, D.C., Massachusetts, Maine, Michigan, and Nevada.


Therefore we give voters the chance to support legalization by voting for candidates with the slogan "Legal Marijuana Now" next to their names on the ballot. 


It doesn't change the law, but the votes have to be counted. The more we get, the harder it becomes for the lawmakers and the media to ignore our cause!


In 2014, over 57,000 Minnesotans voted for the Legal Marijuana Now candidate.


In 2018, our candidate for Minnesota State Auditor received more than 133,000 votes, earning automatic ballot access for Legal Marijuana Now candidates until 2022.



It's up to you to Legalize!

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