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The Legal Marijuana Now Party is just beginning

The drug war and federal marijuana prohibition continue to affect everyday Americans through disparities and discrimination.

Cannabis is not a crime the plant that heals should be revered and appreciated. Medicine that we can grow helps with sustainability of the planet. Independent voices have a choice.


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Legal Marijuana Now Party

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The Legal Marijuana Now Party



The Legal Marijuana Now Party is a political party organized in the United States to oppose drug prohibition. Legal Marijuana Now was established in 1998 in St. Paul, MN. It is a progression from the Grassroots party (Est. 1986).

Defending Your Right to Garden the Earth

  • Legalize homegrown cannabis

  • Erase past marijuana convictions

  • Ban employment drug testing

  • Abolish the DEA

  • Combat pollution through the sustainable use of hemp

  • Support third party initiatives

Direct Candidate and Website Inquiries to



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Heading 1

"Free The Weed & Free The People"

Candidate for US President

Candidate: Dennis Schuller

On the Ballot MN 2024 Primary

Occupation Minnesota Businessman Canni-activist


Candidate for US Vice President

Candidate: Rudy Reyes

On the Ballot MN 2024 Primary

Occupation California Archaeologist. teacher



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