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The Legal Marijuana Now Party


The Legal Marijuana Now Party is a political party organized in the United States to oppose drug

prohibition. Legal Marijuana Now was established in 1998 in St. Paul, MN. It is a progression from

the Grassroots party (Est. 1986)

Defending Your Right to Garden the Earth

  • Legalize homegrown cannabis

  • Erase past marijuana convictions

  • Ban employment drug testing

  • Abolish the DEA

On the ballot in Minnesoata, Iowa - write in Nationwide



Party Slogan: "Free The Weed & Free The People"

Mascot: Marvelous Cannabis Leaf



Dennis Schuller: 30,759 votes; Susan Sindt: 27,109 votes; Dan Vacek/Mark Elworth: 13,506 votes (2 states); Marty Super: 8,861 votes; Matt Thomas 56 (?) write-in votes.

Calif. Prop 64: WON. Mass. Question 4: WON.  Maine Question 1: WON. Nevada Question 2: WON.

Arizona Prop. 205: LOST.  Florida Amendment 2 (Medical): WON. North Dakota Measure 5 (Medical): WON.  Arkansas Issue 6 (Medical) WON. Montana Init. 182 (Improve Medical): WON.

by Andy Schuler

Candidate President and Vice President of The United States of America


Candidate: Dan Vacek (Pres.) and Mark Elworth Jr. (VP)

Party: Legal Marijuana Now

Ballot: On the ballot in Minnesoata, Iowa, Nebraska - write in Nationwide


Slogan: "Legal Marijuana Now"

We must end prohibition and begin to heal the civil unrest in America.

25 years ago, in the dead of winter, in the middle of the night, Minneapolis police blasted their way into a Northside home during a narcotics raid, using flash-bang grenades, which set fire to the place.

Two elderly African-American citizens, Lloyd Smalley and Lillian Weiss were killed.

The chief of police said he was sorry but "This is a war."

No illegal drugs were found during that fatal raid, by the way.

That's the story of drug prohibition--then and now.

The prohibition law itself is obstructing justice. The prohibition law itself is subverting civil rights.

When the law is the problem, we must speak out and change the law, to have any hope of curing the problem.

Learn the lesson of history--going back to alcohol prohibition.

After the repeal of alcohol prohibition in 1933, violent gun crimes declined every year for the next ten years.

To put the gangs out of business, take the business out of the gangs.

You can teach children to say no to drugs but how can you teach them to dodge bullets?

I will speak the truth.

The so-called war on drugs is and always has been a war on people.

And in particular it has been a war on ethnic and racial minorities. The result is a catastrophe.

As Professor Michelle Alexander says, "We have not ended racial caste in America, we have merely redefined it as the war on drugs".

This is a war on people and it has created a human rights crisis.

Like alcohol prohibition, drug prohibition must be repealed and replaced by regulation, education, and moderation.

When we take that step, we take the first step toward healing our nation.

Candidate MN Senate District 60

Candidate: Marty Super 

Party: Legal Marijuana Now

Ballot: On the ballot in Minneapolis - Minnesota Senate District 60


Slogan: "Super for Senate MN60"

Why I'm Running
You deserve a State Senator who will listen to you, and stand up for your rights.Like many others, I think the political landscape is against us, and we
must take it back. I share many of the values Bernie Sanders spoke out for, and I champion many of his causes. On the November 8 ballot, I’ll be 
the candidate of the Legal Marijuana Now party.


I’m not a politician, I’m a 66-year-old retired industrial maintenance worker. I grew up in N.E. Minneapolis and graduated from Edison High School. After highschool I graduated with a degree from the University of Minnesota. I am now widowed after 39 years of marriage. I have two children and seven grandchildren. I would be proud to serve my home district in the MN Senate and I am ready to represent your interests as a freedom loving American.

I respectfully ask for your support and your vote.

Candidate US House of Representatives
MN Congressional District 4

Candidate: Susan Pendergast Sindt 

Party: Legal Marijuana Now

Ballot: On the ballot in Minnesota's 4th Congressional District

Slogan: "Sue Is Right For You"

Thank you all for the over whelming support I've received on my campaign. Your kind words of encouragement and your stories of healing are what keep me going. Please vote for me in the upcoming election on November 8, 2016. I'm running for the US Representative seat in congressional district four (CD4). This includes St. Paul and the surrounding communities (all of Ramsey county and most of Washington county).

I reside in Maplewood, where I have lived for the last thirty years. My husband and I have two grown children. My career in business started when my daughter and I established a small family operation, which has since grown to become international. Previous to my current occupation, I taught science at Harding High School in St. Paul.

I grew up in Mahtomedi, on the shore of White Bear Lake, in a modest house built by my great grandfather. As a child, it always seemed unjust to me that there should be such a sharp divide between the haves and have-nots. It's always been my goal to help the underprivileged. I think the most sustainable way to do this is by removing the roadblocks to higher education, to help people help improve their own life circumstances.

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Sue Sindt's
Candidate US House of Representatives
MN Congressional District 5


Candidate: Dennis Schuller

Party: Legal Marijuana Now

Ballot: On the ballot in Hennepin County - Congressional District 5 (CD5)

Slogan: "Be Cooler Vote Schuller"

Hi my name is Dennis Schuller. I am proud to be fighting for freedom with the Legal Marijuana Now Party. I hope you are as excited as I am about being the candidate for Minnesota’s fifth congressional seat in the United States House of Representatives.


What is really at stake here is freedom. There is less and less privacy these days and all indications point to increased surveillance in the name of national security, personal safety and liability. The truth is getting obscured and the reality is people are individuals, no one the same. And what is right for one isn’t necessarily right for all. This is why America stands for personal liberty, which is a fancy word for individual choice, the right to pursue happiness as we see fit.


However, there are these people called lawmakers who are supposed to create and repeal laws through legislation to protect the individual citizen’s rights. But instead, we keep losing more and more liberty. And why? Because people don't like plants? This has to change.

Please join me in sending a message, and vote for me and other Legal Marijuana Now Candidates in the upcoming November 8th 2016 election.

Dennis Schuller for Congress MN district 5
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Write In Candidate MN House of Representatives District 67B


Candidate: Matt Thomas

Party: Legal Marijuana Now

Ballot: Write in candidate Saint Paul - MN Congressional District 67B

Telephone: 651.447.1722

Slogan: "Vote To Smoke"

My name is Matt Thomas I am the write in candidate representing St. Paul’s East Side in the race for the MN House of Representatives district 67B seat, I am glad to be a candidate for the Legal Marijuana Now party (LMN). I collected almost enough petition signatures to be on the ballot but ultimately previous commitments had to come first; however my will is still strong. I have volunteered as an activist with LMN since 1993 and am a member of the home healthcare union; I am also active and passionate about promoting autism awareness. I am a graduate of Harding high school class of ‘94 where my main area of study was American Government. In addition to my work in home healthcare I am an event promoter for shows including Hip Hop for Autism an annual fundraising event my wife Cara and I organize together. Close relatives of mine run separate bars both in this area and my Grandpa Mike Thomas was a well known local boxer/ trainer and gym owner. I am proud to be part of a large family that supports my efforts and has had a long history on St. Paul’s East Side.


Matt Thomas for MN House of Representatives district 67B

Prepared & paid for by the Legal Marijuana Now 9641 Garfield Ave S #20321 Mpls.MN 55420. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

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