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The Legal Marijuana Now Party



The Legal Marijuana Now Party is a political party organized in the United States to oppose drug prohibition. Legal Marijuana Now was established in 1998 in St. Paul, MN. It is a progression from the Grassroots party (Est. 1986).

Defending Your Right to Garden the Earth

  • Legalize homegrown cannabis

  • Erase past marijuana convictions

  • Ban employment drug testing

  • Abolish the DEA

  • Combat pollution through the sustainable use of hemp

  • Support third party initiatives

"Free The Weed & Free The People"

Direct Candidate and Website Inquiries to



Tel: 612-314-5751 General Info Voice Mail

Illustration by Andy Schuler

illustration edit.jpg


Candidate for United States Senator

Candidate: Kevin O'Connor

Party: Legal Marijuana Now Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot in 2020

"No More Heroes, No More Herds"


"Stop looking for heroes to save us and stop voting for herds to rule us. Heroes are for children and herds have no integrity."



Kevin is a lifelong independent and with his endorsement by the Legal Marijuana Now Party, he plans to begin an independent movement that will serve the interests of the people of Minnesota rather than entrenched political Parties. "We don't need any masters and excessive government is bad government".  With a varied background of business, military, and volunteerism he can use his experience to better serve Minnesota.


Mr. O’Connor strongly supports the medicinal use of cannabis and any other plant which can be beneficial for the health of people without interference by the government. Kevin feels that these decisions and most others are the authority and responsibility of each individual to make.  "The war on drugs is a complete failure and has had many devastating consequences on our society; it's time for that to go".  

"We are adults in a free society with authority and responsibility for ourselves and the government that we allow.  We have allowed FAR TOO MUCH. The government that governs least governs best. Let’s get started."  

Kevin O'Connor Photo.jpg

Email Kevin O'Connor at

Candidate for U.S. Representative District 2

Candidate: Adam Charles Weeks

Party: Legal Marijuana Now Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot in 2020

As a successful local business owner farmer, Adam Charles Weeks wants to speak about criminal justice reform and cites the drug war as a major cause of racial and economic disparity. Adam is an advocate for marginalized groups and still believes there is a place for integrity.,


"You can count on Adam Weeks to fight for YOU!".

Vote symbolically in this race but they will not be counted a special election will be held on

Tuesday Februaray 9, 2021

Adam Weeks.jpeg

In Memoriam

June 30, 1982 - September 21, 2020

Adam C. Weeks - Legal Marijuana Now Candidate

Candidate for U.S. Representative District 5

Candidate: Michael Moore

Party: Legal Marijuana Now Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot in 2020

Michael Moore is from Minneapolis and is proud to be running for office in his home district. Michael had early success in athletics and attended the University of Minnesota on a presidential scholarship and later turned his attention towards owning and managing a salon with multiple locations. Candidate Moore is now retired from private business and enjoys being a husband and father. Michael states that he never considered being involved in his neighborhood as being activism however many will attest that he has positively impacted his friends and community.

"The 5th district has a long and storied history of truly great representation," says Michael. "From Don Fraser to Martin Sabo the district had 4o years of nationally leading politicians. I am proud to represent the diverse community in CD5 and I hope you will agree."

"We Need Moore"


Candidate for U.S. Representative District 7

Candidate: Slater Johnson

Party: Legal Marijuana Now Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot in 2020

Slater Johnson lives in Duluth and is running for office because standing up for individual liberty is a strong core belief. He enjoys fishing and the outdoors and has always supported legalizing "it helps me with anxiety". Candidate Johnson is originally from Maple Grove and studied business at Bemidji State University. When he has time he enjoys sports especially ice hockey and is working to save money to open his own bar.

Slater Johnson3.jpg

Candidate for State Senate District 5

Candidate: Robyn Smith

Party: Legal Marijuana Now Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot in 2020

Robyn is retired and living in Northern MN with her husband and states that she loves the outdoors and wildlife! “I'm running for office because I have smoked in the past and would definitely take using cannabis over drinking alcohol. I understand it will probably be a cluster at first just like anything new, but when all is said and done, legal marijuana will be the better choice."

Mrs. Smith works summer weekends doing AIS inspections for Cass County. “Before retirement I was in Healthcare. I started out doing on-the-road exams for insurance companies, and then later went into hospitals as a LST (doing IV's, blood collections, EKG's). Before that, I was a real estate agent."


Candidate for State Senate District 16

Candidate: Steve "Stoney" Preslicka

Party: Legal Marijuana Now Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot in 2020

Steve Preslicka was born in 1957 and lived in Lake Lillian Minnesota in his early life. He graduated from The Atwater School District in 1976. He served in the United States Army in the early 1980’s He worked in construction and excavation in the trenches and is known by his friends and family as Stoney. He believes in Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


Candidate for State Senate District 23

Candidate: David Pulkrabek

Party: Legal Marijuana Now Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot in 2020

As a veteran of the US Navy David Pulkrabek has taken an oath to uphold the values of the constitution. It specifically says in the MN State constitution Article 13 Section 7 - No license required to peddle. Any person may sell or peddle the products of the farm or garden occupied and cultivated by him without obtaining a license therefor.

David cites synthetic opiates like Fentanyl - the addictive nature, ease of accessibility, the threat of death from overdose and the corporate profit structure surrounding opioids as the motivating factor to legalize homegrown cannabis and honor the constitution.

"I believe every man and woman in this country, has the constitutional right to choose to use a healing plant.

"A vote for me is a step in the right direction."

David P.jpg
Candidate for State Senate District 45


Candidate: Andy Schuler

Party: Legal Marijuana Now Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot in 2020

Andrew Thomas Schuler is a writer & illustrator, political activist, environmentalist, and family man.  In addition to ending drug prohibition laws, Andy has evolved political philosophies about proportional representation, genuine progress indicator, and campaign finance reform.

Environmental issues, social justice, and election reforms are where Andy began his political activism and they remain a focus of his efforts. Golden Valley Minnesota is his hometown and where Andy resides with his family.

Andy Schuler.jpg

Candidate for State Senate District 64

Candidate: Patricia Jirovec McArdell

Party: Legal Marijuana Now Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot in 2020

Patricia is chairman of the board of directors at the Minnesota Chapter of the National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws (NORML) since 2017 and she is a volunteer with the Legal Marijuana Now Party since 2016.

Having been an emergency medical technician and coordinator, Patti is a veteran of fifteen years in the emergency trauma field. Patti has seen people dealing with the worst pain and she has become a strong advocate for patient rights. Candidate McArdell implores legislators to increase access to the medicinal cannabis program for trauma-related injuries

Originally from Woodbury Patti currently lives in St. Paul and is self-employed in the communications field.


Candidate for State Representative District 17A

Candidate: Ed Engelmann

Party: Legal Marijuana Now Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot in 2020

Ed Engelmann first ran for Lt. Governor along with Chris Wright on the Grassroots ticket in 2010 and is a perennial volunteer with Minnesota NORML.  

Ed photo NORML cropped.jpg

Candidate for State Representative District 40B

Candidate: Mary O'Connor

Party: Legal Marijuana Now Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot in 2020

Mary O'Connor is running for State Representative in district 40B, which is Brooklyn Center and southeast Brooklyn Park.


The 9th amendment to the constitution says rights are retained by the people but government has taken away many of our rights and responsibilities. Mary will work to take back our rights and responsibilities. People can decide what is good for them, whether it's drugs, healthcare, education, or business.

Mary OConnor.jpg

Candidate for State Representative District 55A

Candidate: Ryan Martin

Party: Legal Marijuana Now Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot in 2020

Shakopee resident Ryan Martin is running for state representative in district 55A in the 2020 election.

Martin works as a mechanic at a family-owned car repair shop, and has been active and engaged in the political process since he first voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use in 2015 as a Nevada resident.

Martin said he grew up in a military family and is “excited to help the people of our district combat disparities.”


Candidate for State Representative District 63A

Candidate: David Wiester

Party: Legal Marijuana Now Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot in 2020

An interest in supporting individual liberty led David to run for state senate with the Grassroots Party in 1996 and he is excited about his return in 2020. 

David is running from his home district in Minneapolis where he lives with his wife. Mr. Wiester has volunteered as an activist with non-profit groups including pro-choice, GLBT+, NORML, and the Liberal Gun Club.

David Wiester is a surgical support specialist since 2006 and is a proud member of the service employees international union (SEIU)

David Wiester.jpg

Candidate for State Representative District 63B

Candidate: Dennis Schuller

Party: Legal Marijuana Now Endorsed

Ballot: On the ballot in 2020

Dennis Schuller says he first attended a legalization rally at the capitol when he was in High School but was not interested in politics or the government. "It wasn't until I felt the need to give back that I got involved at the city level," says Dennis. Thus he volunteered for six years as a Richfield planning commissioner.

A passion for his neighborhood and a long history in the area has made Dennis protective of personal liberties and outspoken with concerns of the underserved, in addition, he is a defender of the individual's right to have clean air and water. Dennis is a self-employed media producer in business since 1996 is married and resides in Richfield with his family.

In previous campaigns, 2016 US Rep. CD 5 and 2018 US Senate, Dennis ran for the Legal Marijuana Now Party. In his two previous campaigns, candidate Schuller got ballot access by collecting the thousands of required petition signatures.



Dennis asks you to 

"Vote NO to the Status Quo"


Candidate for State Senate District 14

Candidate: Jaden Partlow

Party: Legal Marijuana Now

Ballot: On the ballot in 2020


Candidate for State Senate District 27

Candidate: Tyler Becvar

Party: Legal Marijuana Now

Ballot: On the ballot in 2020



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