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A Better Choice


Candidate: Dennis Schuller

Office: Minnesota House Representative 63B

"Vote No to the Status Quo"


Paid for by Schuller for MN House 63B

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Hi my name is Dennis Schuller I am running to represent southeast Minneapolis Nokomis neighborhood, Richfield's rockin' east, and the Fort Snelling area to the state of Minnesota as the House Representative from 63B

I am an independent who is against the major parties who have hijacked and monopolized our democracy, running for LMN allows me to talk about what I want things like personal choice, accountability, human dignity, and common sense matter to me. Talking about the cannabis plant exemplifies my point while some may think it is questionable or obscure; there are many reasons why laws against this plant affect our daily lives adversely. Continue reading and I will explain some of the finer points of how hypocritical it is to outlaw the use of herbs and flowers for personal medicinal use. Please vote for me because I have had the courage to speak about cannabis prohibition and the fortitude and vision to implement a smart safer system.

Cannabis also known as hemp and marijuana is one of the first plants cultivated by ancient humans. The cannabis plant has many traditional and modern uses prohibition fundamentally affects our society negatively and that's why you shouldn't stand for the lie.

Health Care – Everyone wants good health and good health care is expensive so first it is important to talk about health maintenance. Cannabis has never caused death alcohol, cigarettes, even sugar, and caffeine are the cause of many deaths including liver disease, diabetes, cancer, and overdose. Many modern pharmaceutical drugs have dangerous side effects including death and FDA approved artificial sweetener substitutes like aspartame used in diet sodas are also dangerous yet legal. In addition, cannabis is used successfully to quell seizures, fight some types of cancer, slow Alzheimer’s, alleviate anxiety and depression, and relieve chronic pain just to name a few ailments it can help.


Environmental Pollution – The bane of the twentieth century to me has to be plastic. The convenience of petroleum plastic is undeniable but the world wide environmental damage is tragic. Petroleum plastic doesn’t stop existing or biodegrade instead over time it turns into smaller pieces but still exists. Hemp the industrial form of cannabis can easily be made into a plastic that works just like petroleum but it breaks down over time leaving no footprint. Hemp is sustainable and can be used for fuel just like gasoline except it is can be regrown and is beneficial to the environment by nature of being a plant it turns carbon dioxide into oxygen. Picture pristine waterways that are now damaged because of petroleum spills hemp is a plant and both in the production and use stage hemp is better for the environment.

Immigration/ Racial disparities – In many ways, this is where marijuana prohibition started even to this day marijuana prohibition is used against people as conditions to immigrate, get a job, get housing, or even open a bank account. By the way, a portion of our paper money is made from hemp which we have to import because it is illegal to grow until recently in the United States.

Gun rights – The gun rights issue is a big deal and many laws prohibit a person with a marijuana conviction to own a gun which continues to point the finger at the hypocrisy I am trying to demonstrate. It is all right to buy as much alcohol and cigarettes at the store legally and still own a gun you can even use opioids without a problem but the use of a more benign option is prohibited.

Even the original drafts of the declaration of independence were written on paper made from hemp.  If you want to continue spending your taxes on a drug war to the tune of fifty billion dollars a year that will never end instead of making a free market system that treats people with respect and dignity than vote for the red or blue party because all you are doing is making a decorating choice. If you want instead a person that is willing to stand up for your rights than vote for me and

“Vote NO to the Status Quo”



Having been involved with the city planning commission is part of what has led me to run for public office. I would like to think that honesty, integrity, hard work, and practical sense have a place in our system of government and that the system can work for regular citizens.

Being an entrepreneur, I am an advocate for the importance of small businesses to the social fabric of our community and the economy. In addition, I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal who has a strong belief in the value of culture, arts, and science. Yes, I believe cannabis should be legalized, however, the people of Minnesota insist on a fair incremental approach that starts with returning our constitutional right to grow a garden, expansion of the medical program to include more effective products at more reasonable prices to help with more health conditions and ending draconian search and seizure laws. The end game is that we have respect for our neighbors and ownership of our government.

  1. Children need our guidance however we often fail them by not listening to them. Kids don't get to vote but the decisions we make for them without their consent affect their lives today and in the future. Bringing in the citizen-driven referendum process and implementing a rank choice voting system is key to us taking control of our democracy and our freedom and protecting the rights of future generations.           

  2. We need to work together to stop violence in its many forms

  3. Be vigilant in protecting our natural resources the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we grow the places we live

  4. Fight for workplace equality and end hypocritical laws like prohibition that leads to sanctioned discrimination.

  5. Change the unreasonable search and seizure laws that help create the for-profit policing system. However, we need to make reforms that make sense and help us not hurt us. There is a place for conventional policing however modern approaches will include more focus on prevention through education and prosecution through the identification of people committing extraordinary crimes. For example, growing or using marijuana is not a crime but murder, assault and battery, rape, kidnapping, domestic and child abuse definitely are and should be prosecuted. 

  6. Make mental health services a priority in helping ordinary citizens live independently and rehabilitating when possible people with a criminal background. I have heard from more than one person that has "served time in jail" that there is very little assistance to help them make progress during that crucial time.​


Photo and Video from 2018 US Senate run and leading the charge at the Rice Street Parade


Celebrating 4:20 (the favorite time of day for marijuana enthusiasts) with supporters.

Open Streets in Minneapolis 2016 US Congress CD 5

"Be Cooler Vote Schuller"

State Fair in St. Paul 2018 US Senate

"Schuller for Senate"

Paid for by Schuller for MN House 63B Richfield, MN 55423

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