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Full legalization without commercialization is the model that I think would be most effective here in Minnesota, similar to the situation in Washington DC I support home cultivation and casual use. Economically I think industrial hemp can be a boon to our hometown farming community and the proper use of hemp can actually revitalize corn fields when nutrients from the soil are depleted. I believe personal safety is the most important factor in building strong communities and I am deeply concerned and saddened about the over prescribing of opioid painkillers which are an increasing factor in thousands of deaths in recent years. I think cannabis prohibition has been a failure and an expensive, oppressive, perverse experiment left over from a backwards time and not an effective use of taxpayer money or law enforcement resources. Please write me in as your candidate when voting this November 8th; I’m Matt Thomas your E. Side candidate for MN House of Representatives district 67B.

Prepared & paid for by the Legal Marijuana Now Party 4154 Vincent Ave N. Minneapolis MN 55412. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

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