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LMN Presidential ticket makes the ballot in Iowa and Minnesota

St. Paul, Minnesota: Voters in Iowa and Minnesota will have the chance to cast a vote for legal weed in this year's general election, despite the fact that neither of those states permits citizens to use Ballot Initiatives to place laws up for a direct popular vote.

In order to give every voter in those states the chance to signify his or her resistance against the racist policy of prohibition, petitions were successfully filed to nominate the Legal Marijuana Now ticket for President and Vice-President. Dan Vacek of Minnesota will be the candidate for the top job, and Mark Elworth, Jr., of Nebraska will be the nominee for Veep.

Petitions in a third state, Nebraska, were "counted out" by the Nebraska Secretary of State's office, which claimed that half of the signatures weren't valid. This was a rough blow against the tireless Nebraska activists, who had gathered tens of thousands of signatures from all across their state. Cannabis liberation activists frequently encounter sabotage and obstruction from the political establishment.

Although the candidates are unknown to the general public, both have devoted years of effort to organizing protest action against the unjust, racist prohibition laws. In their communities, Dan and Mark have demonstrated, petitioned, campaigned, and run for office themselves to help other dissenters see that ordinary people's courage is what we need to win the victory for a righteous cause.

In an election year when the two major parties offer a choice between the Republicans' racist, egotistical bully and the Democrats' discredited corporate stooge on the other, it's important for the voters to realize that they have other choices.

Every vote cast for a protest candidate or a 3rd Party candidate must be counted, and every one of those votes sends a message to the cynics, crooks, liars, and oligarchs who mock at democracy and secretly despise the voters they try to manipulate. And considering the inexcusably low caliber of the manifestly unqualified Trump and the hypocritical Hillary, it's a pointless quibble to object to the credentials of ANY of the alternative candidates, no matter how humble,

The Legal Marijuana Party is a spin-off from the Grassroots Party, which nominated legendary hemp activist Jack Herer for President in 1988 and 1992, and the equally legendary Dennis Peron in 1996, the man who 30 years ago launched the original medical marijuana ballot measures which set in motion the electoral victories leading to passage of legalization laws in four states so far, and maybe more to come this year.

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