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Stoners, don't vote for the con-man Trump!

The bigoted, bankruptcy-prone, sex-pervert bully Donald Trump will probably be elected President. WARNING: Trump's marijuana policy will be handled by Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, and VP Mike Pence. Those three guys all HATE marijuana. Christie has said he'll use Federal government forces to shut down every state marijuana program--both personal use and medical use.

A vote for Trump is a vote for national suicide. If elected, as seems likely, Trump will rule as a dictator. With control of both houses of Congress and also the Supreme Court, no one can stop him. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. That any Americans would fall for this repulsive con-man is pathetic--but that a majority of the voters, or enough to capture the Electoral College, would follow him reminds me of Germany in 1933. That's when Hitler swept into power after an election campaign when he promised to "make Germany great again." As Michael Moore has pointed out, by the time people realize they've been swindled, it's too late.

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