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The Legal Marijuana Now Party



The Legal Marijuana Now Party is a political party organized in the United States to oppose drug prohibition. Legal Marijuana Now was established in 1998 in St. Paul, MN. It is a progression from the Grassroots party (Est. 1986).

Defending Your Right to Garden the Earth

  • Legalize homegrown cannabis

  • Erase past marijuana convictions

  • Ban employment drug testing

  • Abolish the DEA

  • Combat pollution through the sustainable use of hemp

  • Support third party initiatives

"Free The Weed & Free The People"

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Illustration by Andy Schuler


Candidate for Minneapolis Mayor

Candidate: Nate "Honey Badger" Atkins 

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

On the Ballot in Minneapolis 2021

I’m running for mayor of Minneapolis because I’m sick and tired – because I’ve had enough. This city is different. It’s not like other cities and that’s good. This city IS good – even if it’s lost its way. I’m not here to tear down all that is in this city in the name of creating some sort of Libertarian utopia. I believe Libertarian ideals related to police reform are good, realistic ones that help restore faith and trust between the people and law enforcement.

"Fight The Power"


Candidate for Minneapolis City Council Ward 9

Candidate: Michael Moore

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

On the Ballot in Minneapolis 2021

Michael "Mickey" Moore is from Minneapolis and is proud to be running for office in his home district. Michael had early success in athletics and attended the University of Minnesota on a presidential scholarship and later turned his attention towards owning and managing a salon with multiple locations. Candidate Moore is now retired from private business and enjoys being a husband and father. Mickey states that he never considered being involved in his neighborhood as being activism however many will attest that he has positively impacted his friends and community.

"The Ward 9 in the 5th district has a long and storied history of truly great representation," says Michael. "From Don Fraser to Martin Sabo the district had 4o years of nationally leading politicians. I am proud to represent the diverse community in CD5 and I hope you will agree."

"We Need Moore"


Candidate for Minneapolis City Council Ward 12

Candidate: Nancy Ford

Legal Marijuana Now Party Endorsed

On the Ballot in Minneapolis 2021

I've lived most of my life in Minneapolis and love it here. My passion for this city runs deep and I want to see Minneapolis get back on track. I'm running as an independent candidate because I believe elected city officials should be nonpartisan. They should represent the people of Minneapolis before they represent a political party.

I believe that listening to customers and employees and truly understanding what they need is a key ingredient to a successful business and I will do the same for the residents of Ward 12. Residents of Ward 12 will know where I stand on the issues and can count on me to have open lines of communication and transparency on issues they are concerned about so we can work together collaboratively to rebuild trust in our city government. As a small business owner, I know what it’s like to work long hours to make a small business thrive. I will do the same for residents of Ward 12 and together we will make our city shine again.

"Nancy Ford for Ward 12"

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Prepared & paid for by the Legal Marijuana Now 9641 Garfield Ave S, #20321 Mpls. MN 55420. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

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