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The Legal Marijuana Now Party



The Legal Marijuana Now Party is a political party organized in the United States to oppose drug prohibition. Legal Marijuana Now was established in 1998 in St. Paul, MN. It is a progression from the Grassroots party (Est. 1986).

Defending Your Right to Garden the Earth

  • Legalize homegrown cannabis

  • Erase past marijuana convictions

  • Ban employment drug testing

  • Abolish the DEA

  • Combat global warming through the sustainable use of hemp




"Free The Weed & Free The People"

Illustration by Andy Schuler


Candidate for United States Senator

Candidate: Dennis Schuller

Party: Legal Marijuana Now

Ballot: On the ballot in 2018

Dennis Schuller of Richfield, Minnesota, runs a small business in Bloomington.


In 2016, Mr. Schuller filed by petition as the Legal Marijuana Now party's candidate for Congress in the 5th District and received 30,759 votes, nearly 9%.

Candidate for U.S. Senator, Special Election

Candidate: Sarah Wellington

Party: Legal Marijuana Now

Ballot: On the ballot in 2018

Sarah Wellington, a Saint Paul schoolteacher, helped inaugurate the 2014 Minnesota Medical Cannabis program.

Ms. Wellington was nominated by petition to challenge acting Senator Tina Smith in the November general election.

Candidate for State Auditor

Candidate: Michael Ford

Party: Legal Marijuana Now

Ballot: On the ballot in 2018

Michael Ford has a background in graphic design and is well-known as an advocate of cannabis legalization from his social media reach as well as his role with MN-NORML.


Mr. Ford has been the chairman of the Legal Marijuana Now party since 2016.

Candidate for District 4 U.S. Representative

Candidate: Susan Sindt 

Party: Legal Marijuana Now

Ballot: On the ballot in Minnesota's 4th Congressional District

Susan Sindt is running for the U.S. Representative seat in congressional district four (CD4). This includes Saint Paul and the surrounding communities (all of Ramsey county and most of Washington county).

Ms. Sindt of Maplewood, a former Harding High School science teacher, owns and operates a small, family tobacco vaping business.

In 2016, as Legal Marijuana Now nominee in the 4th District Congressional race, Ms. Sindt got 27,152 votes, nearly 8%.

Candidate for Governor of Minnesota


Candidate: Chris Wright

Party: Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis

Ballot: On the ballot in 2018

Read more: Wikipedia (Chris Wright)

Chris Wright is a Minneapolis small business owner, cannabis rights, and free speech activist who co-founded the Grassroots Party in 1986.


In 1998, Mr. Wright was endorsed by the Grassroots Party for Governor of Minnesota. He got 1,727 votes. And in the 2010 Minnesota gubernatorial election, he got 7,516 votes as a Grassroots candidate.


Mr. Wright, a leader of Minnesota's drug war dissenters, was nominated by petition and got 31,259 votes for Governor as a Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis candidate in 2014.

Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

Candidate: Judith Schwartzbacker

Party: Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis

Ballot: On the ballot in 2018

Judith Schwartzbacker is the Lt. Governor candidate teamed with Chris Wright. The Minneapolis great-grandmother ran for State Auditor for the Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis party in 2014 and got more than 55,000 votes.

Candidate for Minnesota Attorney General

Noah Johnson and the Legal Marijuana Now party have endorsed Keith Ellison in this race. Thanks congressman Ellison for being willing to speak up for the injustice of cannabis prohibition

Candidate: Noah Johnson

Party: Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis

Ballot: On the ballot in 2018

Noah Johnson, an attorney who attended the Hamline-Mitchell Law School and interned with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), practices law in the Twin Cities.

Candidate for NJ Assembly District 15

Candidate: Edward Forchion

Party: Repeal Bail Reform

Ballot: On the ballot in New Jersey's 15th Assembly District

Read more: Wikipedia (Ed Forchion)

Also known as NJWeedman, Edward Forchion is a Rastafari writer, actor, restaurateur, free speech and cannabis rights activist, and founder of the New Jersey Legalize Marijuana Party.


Candidate for District 3 U.S. Representative

Candidate: Mark Elworth Jr.

Party: Legal Medical Now

Ballot: On the ballot in Iowa's 3rd Congressional District

Mark Elworth, who operates a free community garden, is a businessman and cannabis rights activist.


Mr. Elworth was the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Nebraska in 2014, and he helped establish the Nebraska and Iowa Legal Marijuana Now Parties. In 2016, Mr. Elworth was the Legal Marijuana Now Party's Vice-presidential candidate and got more than 13,500 votes in Iowa and Minnesota.


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